1. What is PC Manager?

PC Manager is a top-ranking error-resolution technology which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system speed. Various annoying problems will gradually appear like slow speed, crashing or freezing, blue screen, deadlock, error messages etc. after your computer being used for a period of time.


PC Manager uses the most advanced technology to scan your hard driver and give you a comprehensive diagnosis in seconds. Once the problems have been located, PC Manager offers you a professional and highly-efficient solution to set your PC in a fantastic state!


2. Why is the Registered Version Better Than Trial One?

The Free trial version of PC Manager is designed to scan the missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. It can only fix a fraction of the errors.

Registration of PC Manager allows you full access to fix registry error found. After you choose the items to clean, PC Manager can automatically repair them all. This will allow you to fully enjoy all functions of PC Manager.


3. How often Do I need to Clean the Registry?

Use PC Manager every week regularly to keep your Windows Registry free from errors and keep your computer running smoothly.


4. How much does PC Manager Cost?

The Full Price of PC Manager (1 PC & 1 Year) is $19.95.

Please go to our order page (http://pc-manager.org/purchase.html )to see detailed information.


5. How many Payment Methods for Purchasing?

You can purchase PC Manager via Credit Card, PayPal. We also accept Bravo, Euro Card, JCB, Novus, Master Debit and Visa Debit.


6. Is my Purchase Guaranteed by 60 Days Money-back?


All orders are backed by our unconditional 60 days money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, for any reason, simply please go to https://www.clickbank.com/contact_us.html. Follow the prompts and get the full refund.

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