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Current Version: 9.5
File Size: 4.67M
Operating System: Windows XP/2000/2003/2008/Vista/7/8
Release Date: June 18, 2014
Protection Against:blue screens, freezing, crashing, error messages etc.

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The tool helps me clean PC in several mins. I like it so much.

-Jennie Swift, London

I am 70 years old now but not out! Thanks for the software which solves many problems for me. I can serf the internet anytime and not fall behind others.


Annie Lodi, New York

This program is so simple, effective and automatic! I love it very much.


-Candy Benny, Los Angeles

Unlike most registry cleaners that bluff their way into getting a big count, PC Manager is far more concerned into what it finds and what it omits. It concerns not how many it finds but rather what it finds. PC Manager is the safest registry cleaner. My machine always becomes faster after a scan. It also has a registry monitor that I've setup to monitor my startup keys and notify me of changes to critical sections. Nice and it's not intrusive. The tweaking is great. Scan speeds are ok. I trust this program - after some terrible experiences in the past using other programs. This one never fails me. Thumbs up.


- John Raiden -San Francisco, US


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How to clean PC for better performance?


Whether you find that as time flies, your PC cannot perform as well as before? Do you have any idea about how to clean PC to make it perform much better? If you really want to, just read the article and finally, you will find all that you want.


How to clean PC Manually?

Just remember 5 things you should do and clean PC now!

1. Disk should be cleaned up completely
You should delete all the useless files first. Please follow the steps.
Click "Start"-“All Programs"- "Accessories"- "System Tools"- "Disk Cleanup" - "More Options" -"Windows Components," "Installed Programs," and "System Restore".


2. Anti-virus software should be installed

Adware, malware, and spyware can harm your PC badly and cause severe problems, so you need to use anti-virus software. There are free products available for personal use, such as AVG, Bitdefender and Avast!


3. Temporary files should be cleared

As time goes by, many temporary files will accumulate day by day which make your pc be slower and slower, so deleting temporary files is also important.


Click My Computer-Folder Options-check box "Show Hidden Files and Folders" -Local Disk, Documents & Settings- Your Account and delete everything in “My Recent Documents” and the history folder, temporary internet files of “local settings”.


4. Unwanted programs should be removed

If you won’t use a program any more, yet it still consumes a lot of resources, so you’d better clean them up. Remove unwanted programs by going to start, control panel, add/remove programs, and then remove unwanted programs


5. Windows registry errors should be fixed

Registry is a critical part in PC and any error in Registry can make your PC in a very bad condition.
As Registry is so important, if you are not an expert in PC or do not have enough time and energy, I highly recommend you to use a good Registry Cleaner for optimizing PC.

Use Good Tool to Clean PC


Download PC Manager Now
Download PC Manager Now

There are so many Registry Cleaners now and it is no doubt that PC Manager is one of the best.

PC Manager can clean PC thoroughly, fix Registry errors and increase speed of PC. Just for simple clicks, you can clear PC in only several minutes!

PC Manager use the most advanced technology to clear PC and it is not only a PC cleaner, but also it is a good Registry Optimizer, Privacy Safeguard, File Shredder, PC Optimizer and IE Doctor. With the tool, you can always make PC in a good condition.

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