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Current Version: 9.5
File Size: 4.67M
Operating System: Windows XP/2000/2003/2008/Vista/7/8
Release Date: June 18, 2014
Protection Against:blue screens, freezing, crashing, error messages etc.

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Before using the tool, I often clean cookies manually and it really wasted too much of my time. This tool is very professional and easy to use.

--Edwin Hall

I did know it was cookies that slow down my PC, after using this tool, the performance of my PC is highly increased.


--Gaby Hill

I have used a slow computer for a long time. Since I used your program, my computer runs healthily and fast.


--Jack Baker

Unlike most registry cleaners that bluff their way into getting a big count, PC Manager is far more concerned into what it finds and what it omits. It concerns not how many it finds but rather what it finds. PC Manager is the safest registry cleaner. My machine always becomes faster after a scan. It also has a registry monitor that I've setup to monitor my startup keys and notify me of changes to critical sections. Nice and it's not intrusive. The tweaking is great. Scan speeds are ok. I trust this program - after some terrible experiences in the past using other programs. This one never fails me. Thumbs up.


- John Raiden -San Francisco, US


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Clear Cookies to Optimize PC Performance


As years passed by, you will find your computer become slower. Solutions for slow computer are a lot and one of them is to clear cookies which can easily be neglected. Now I will tell you something about cookies and how to clear them.


What is Cookies?


It is stored in your hard drive by web service which is used to record your user ID, password, internet histories and so on when you are browsing website. And the next time you visit the website, you need not to type user name and password again because of cookies. That sounds like a good thing, but in reality, too many cookies have many bad effects.


Reasons for Clearing Cookies

Download PC Manager Now
Download PC Manager Now
1) Release PC space: too many cookies in your computer can take a large space of hard drive and make your computer slow.
2) Privacy protection: Your browsing history and privacy information can be stored in form of cookies, if you don’t clear cookies regularly, they may be leak out.


How to Clear Cookies?


The most common way to clear cookies is simple. If you use IE, you can open the browser, click on the “tools”, then select "Delete Browsing History" and check “Temporary Internet Files", "History" and "Cookies" and push on the "Delete" button.


It is so easy that everyone can do it by himself. But the manual way is not that perfect. For example, if your internet browser doesn’t work, you may delete all temporary internet files on computer. Once there is any mistake or registry error, it may lead to computer crashes. Then how to avoid this situation?


Automatic Way to Optimize PC


We need delete the useless files regularly. If every time you choose to use the manual way, it is a waste of time and easily wrong. To get rid of registry errors and computer crashes, you need a registry cleaner to help you clear cookies automatically and safely.


PC Manager is designed to fix all registry errors and windows problems automatically and effectively. As to delete cookies, you can choose the functions of this software - Junk Cleaner and IE Tools - to delete useless files completely and quickly. What you need to do is to click one key and wait for seconds and your IE would turn out to run safely, stably and fast. You can be care-free to protect your computer from being attacked.


PC Manager is such kind of software that can not only clear junk files and cookies on computer, but also optimize your computer performance exclusively, update and backup system files. It is the best tool for computer newbies.

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