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Now I can clear computer history although I have no knowledge of it. How can I do this? Easy! Just use PC Manager.



As an expert of PC, I do recommend you to use it! The tool is so amazing that everyone can use it to clear computer history.



With the help of PC Manager, it is a piece of cake to clear computer history. I like the great tool!



Unlike most registry cleaners that bluff their way into getting a big count, PC Manager is far more concerned into what it finds and what it omits. It concerns not how many it finds but rather what it finds. PC Manager is the safest registry cleaner. My machine always becomes faster after a scan. It also has a registry monitor that I've setup to monitor my startup keys and notify me of changes to critical sections. Nice and it's not intrusive. The tweaking is great. Scan speeds are ok. I trust this program - after some terrible experiences in the past using other programs. This one never fails me. Thumbs up.


- John Raiden -San Francisco, US


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What's Internet History?


To accelerate web surfing, browser records and stores all of your actions on your PC, such as pictures, animation, movies, other downloads and so on. Obviously Internet history saved on your computer is helpful as it increases loading of web pages and makes web surfing easier. All of these activities stored on your computer are usually called Internet history or Temporary Internet files.


Why you ought to clear history?


Clear history is important to protect your privacy. It is the truth that browsers save the records you visit is not necessarily a bad thing, but very likely these details have the possibility to be misused. That is particularly true if others get access to your PC. In addition, over time the history may become cluttered and contain files from programs you no more have used.

Download PC Manager Now
Download PC Manager Now
And then this would cause your computer slow windows startup.

Therefore, if you do not want others to know what you have done on your pc, including what Internet sites you've visited, what images and films you've seen, what files you downloaded, documents and files you've just opened up, and many more, you need to clear history on computer. If you do not want your computer become slowly, you should also clear history tracks from your computer.


How computer history impacts your PC operating?


We all know that computer history can accelerate the display of pages you frequently visit or have seen, this is all because your browser can open them from your computer rather than on the Internet. So for one surfing the web a lot and having enough space on PC, you would like to increase more histories since it can speed up slow pc. But as the histories increase, it would take up lots of space available for other files on your PC, from time to time, it will greatly affect your computer speed, so you ought to get rid of them to release some space on your PC.


How to clear history on computer?


Of course, there are two ways for you to clear history - manually and automatically. However, some histories cannot be removed just by hand. So the best way is to find a cleaner tool. You may find numerous such tools on the Internet, but you should choose the most suitable.


Here, I recommend you can try to use PC Manager, a wonderful and popular cleaner tool which is used by a large number of people. It fix the computer errors, optimize the system speed and safeguards your Privacy by ensuring all traces of your online Internet and computer activities permanently erased and unrecoverable on your PC. Try it!


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